Connecting for Change: AuxoHub Collaboration

Over the last couple of years, I have developed a deep sense of passion for work in social change and development; be it education, peace-building, or equality. When an opportunity came my way to work as an external consultant for AuxoHub, an organisation that looks at providing support services to actors in the social sector and works with NGOs as well as corporates, I was immediately excited (although it wasn’t exactly something I had done before).

During the course of my initial interactions with the team at AuxoHub, I was introduced to the organisation’s work, brought up to speed on previous projects and given more details about the project I would be working on. I was struck by how meaningful and impactful the work is. It also made me realise that, in order to bring about social development, we needed players working together in different areas.

Companies like AuxoHub bridge the gap between individuals/corporates who want to contribute to organisations doing meaningful work and organisations who are often doing impactful work on the ground but struggling without adequate resources.

Having worked with a diverse range of organisations in the past from an ed-tech company to a social entrepreneurial startup and a civilian peace-building non-governmental organisation, I have seen first-hand the struggles that development sector initiatives face in mobilising resources. People often find it easy to appreciate such initiatives but hard to put their money in them. On the other hand, there are established, profitable businesses who want to contribute to such initiatives, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility or otherwise, but are unsure of how to identify deserving beneficiaries. Furthermore, such companies are also concerned about undertaking the onus of monitoring and evaluating such projects to see if the funds given are being utilized effectively. This is exactly where companies like AuxoHub can play a very significant role.

The core of my work with AuxoHub involved connecting with various NGOs in the educational and livelihood fields in order to understand the work they did to see how AuxoHub could help further their work by helping them raise funds for their projects. Over the course of the numerous phone conversations I had with these NGOs, I became hopeful. In a world that sometimes seems too gloomy, here were individuals and organisations selflessly working solely to better the lives of farmers, underprivileged women, children from lower socio-economic backgrounds, and so much more. It filled me with optimism and gave me a chance to know the phenomenal work that a lot of these organisations do on the ground, every single day. All of this only further strengthened my conviction that we need more organisations like AuxoHub to bring to the fore such NGOs and make their lives easier by helping them with funding, apart from a host of other services including documentation and process streamlining. It was an incredibly rewarding experience and I am sure that, if another opportunity comes up for me to work with AuxoHub, it would be hard for me to say no.

Nanditha Ravindar
Nanditha Ravindar is a communications specialist and development sector enthusiast with a soft spot for everything pertaining to the education space. A student at heart, she has an MPhil to her name and feels strongly about the ways in which classrooms and those who inhabit it have the power to change lives. A voracious reader, the breadth of her bookshelf influences her writing greatly. When she isn’t busy reading or writing, you can find her indulging her inner foodie or kicking back with Tamil 90s music.

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