Pudiyador is a Chennai-based NGO with a vision to empower underprivileged sections of Indian society, through an education program that fosters intellectual, social and cultural development of the children. Their after-school program uses theme-based learning to provide holistic education to marginalized city youth.

Pudiyador required funding for running its programmes at its Urur Olcott Kuppam centre (near Besant Nagar) where they were providing after school support, life skills training and some nutritional support to about 20 children. The NGO submitted an application for funding to AuxoHub and we were able to secure funding for them by connecting them with a funder in our network who was keen on supporting an NGO working in the area of education for marginalized children. Today, the Urur Olcott Kuppam centre of Pudiyador is successfully conducting their programme tackling the theme of gender through a variety of means including storytelling, street theatre, role-plays and interactions with external resource people. In addition to securing funding for Pudiyador, AuxoHub is also continuing to carry out monitoring activities for the fund utilization regularly.

Aparajitha Foundation

Aparajitha Foundation, the CSR arm of Aparajitha Corporate Services, is a Madurai-based organization dedicated to supporting those in need. With a specific focus on the sectors of education and healthcare as well as non-metropolitan geographies, the Foundation has undertaken many projects aimed towards to overall development of youth since inception, working across 80,000 schools touching the lives of more than 100 lakhs students.
Working in the space of education and life skills building, it was not long before Aparajitha noticed a glaring gap in the demand for employable youths from Tier II towns and the availability of such skilled youths in these areas. The organization realized that there was a need to address the gap in skilling in a sustainable, scalable manner. The idea of using the power of the internet and the structure of the MOOC was presented as means to equip young Indians in semi-urban environments with the skills needed to access the opportunities and avenues of growth that are open to their metropolitan counterparts. The end objective was to create a juggernaut of untapped potential by using a tool which can be easily created, adapted, and sustainably used. Having identified the end goal, AuxoHub stepped in to support them in designing a programme which would help them achieve their objective in the most effective and efficient manner.
AuxoHub worked with the team at Aparajitha Foundation and Poornatha to identify and articulate the project rationale, suggested methodology, key milestones and proposed timelines. By working with the Foundation to bring clarity and detail into an intended area of intervention, AuxoHub was able to streamline the intended intervention into a holistic, intentional engagement with a capacity to reach tens of thousands of youth in Tamil Nadu by 2025.

The project is presently entering its second phase of implementation. Aparajitha Foundation and AuxoHub are working together to build the curriculum and kick-off a pilot of the programme.


Ithika Trust is a small, founder-led NGO in Chennai city that focuses on child welfare and youth development through after-school extra-curricular engagement with children. By working with children on subjects ranging from traditional art forms and environmental sustainability to gender sensitization and media bias, the organization seeks to not just create holistic, well-rounded adults but also drastically reduce local crime rates. Ithika was all set to scale up both in terms of range of work as well as geographies.
However, while contemplating their expansion, Ithika was faced with questions of organizational sustainability and the need to build internal systems and structures which would help in ensuring the organization’s long-term growth. AuxoHub worked with the core team of Ithika to get to the root of their funding crunch and developed a comprehensive resource mobilization strategy for the trust. We also worked with the team to develop vision and mission statements ensuring that all team members, both present and future, have the same vision for the organization as it grows. This involved in-depth conversations and interviews with each stakeholder (staff, parents, children) as well as background research and expert interviews to better understand the structures and systems that would best work for the organisation’s size and scale. The final deliverable was not only an extensive strategy document detailing the suggest path forward for everything from team strategy to social media positioning, but also a series of workshops with the core team on child protection, finance, donor communications and making sure all queries, concerns and details were discussed, debated and agreed upon.

Rotary Clubs

The Rotary system is one that is internationally renowned for its network and commitment to giving back to the larger community. Rotary Clubs across India have been active in carrying out education and healthcare projects, with a focus on giving back to society. While the Rotary network has been funding social causes for many decades, it has also been increasingly focusing on strengthening internal systems.

In this regard, Rotary International increased a focus on carrying out needs assessments for their projects. These Community Based Needs Assessments are mandated to ensure that the projects initiated by Rotary Clubs are undertaken with a complete understanding of what the community needs are. AuxoHub has been associated with multiple clubs following the introduction of the mandatory community assessment. AuxoHub has been able to assist multiple Rotary Clubs in their Global Grant application by conducting these community assessments and gauging the need for the proposed intervention. Projects thus far have spanned the sectors of education, healthcare and women’s empowerment, and have covered both infrastructure interventions as well as long-term program interactions.